Recently, I was complaining about muscle soreness and my wife asked me why.  I rattled off a rather ridiculous litany of reasons that included two mountain bike rides totaling 3400 feet in elevation gain, several nights on the lake with my 7 year old playing hockey, a couple days of ice climbing in Ouray, a full day skiing some powder, setting up a full studio shoot and packing it out solo in less than 2hrs, and oh ya and that aerial yoga class she drug me to.  I laughed at myself a little; I guess I don’t like to sit around for long.

            I have blindly followed a donkey deep into the Atlas mountains by moonlight to meet climbers, wandered through the detritus of the Japanese tsunami, jumped from a moving pilotage ships on to an icebreaker, seen Krampus steal children, witnessed an old master forge a katana, watched the testing of massive subsea oil and gas systems and taken in the smells of live artillery, fish markets, tear gas, oiled fighters, and Indian brick ovens.  All of these adventures were taken with cameras on my shoulder and for clients ranging from massive corporate entities to Ad Agencies and Non-for profits.  The people who characterized these incredible journeys and adventures drive my exploration.  The creatives, the athletes, the workers, the students, the villains and the heroes whether in a journalistic context or a highly scripted advertising campaign inspire me.

            I have lived in Texas, London, Japan, Italy and recently landed in Denver, Colorado.  It is now time to find the new faces and search for the next adventures.  If you have a campaign or an project that needs a passionate shooter; I am all rested up and ready to go. 

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